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Article Marketing has been the tea-time topic of many online marketers for many years. Nowadays, it is said that it’s effectiveness has faded, and modern online marketers no longer practise this strategy to drive traffics to their websites. Well, I say it depends on how you play it!

The old strategy was to write a value driven article, and post it up on renowned article directories such as EzineArticles, Go Articles, etc… Then, you’ll build backlinks to these articles so that they can be ranked on Google SERPs.

Years ago, articles posted on article directories could be ranked effortlessly due to article directories are generally high in PR, and they host massive contents. Those two are Google’s favourite attributes.

Due to the recent Panda update, Google no longer rank articles posted on article directories on the first page of its SERPs. In other words, that signals the death of conventional article marketing.

However, a backlink is a backlink. If you have a backlink that comes from a high PR, massive content article directory, that backlink is credited highly by Google. So, the backlinks still count even if the articles that you’ve posted on the directories does not appear on Google.

To confirm this, I’ve personally blasted an article that I’ve written to 1,200 article directories. Each of these articles contain a link back to a post on my website. True enough, none of the articles got ranked on Google.

But to my surprise, the post on my website that all these articles pointed to jumped from Page 4 of Google to rank #1 on Google SERPs in just 3 weeks! Nothing else was done in between. So, my post dominates Google SERPs merely by submitting articles!

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