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Blog Commenting is one of my favourite strategies of getting instant traffic, as well as huge number of backlinks to my website. This is an ideal strategy particularly if you’ve just got started in a new niche and nobody knows much about you.

When you do Blog Commenting, you do 2 things – create visibility and identity. By commenting on a highly visited blog in your niche, you are putting yourself in front of thousands of traffics! This is visibility. At the end of your comment, you create a backlink to your site, so that people can trace you back to your website if they like you. This is identity.

Blog commenting siphons off traffics from your best competitors’ blogs to your website, and at the same time building credible backlinks for higher search engine rankings. There is no reason for you not doing it!

The only challenge is that you’ll need to spend A LOT of time and I MEAN IT. You’ll spend time finding relevant blogs, reading their blog posts, and thinking of a good comment to write. So, let us help you with that!


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