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Blog Network has been my hands down, fully automated, TOP backlink building strategy.

First, what is a blog network?

A blog network is a group of bloggers participating in a community where each one of them will allow other bloggers to post contents on their blogs (with a link back to their own blogs of course). This way, each one of them is guaranteed to get thousands of links just by posting contents among themselves.

The beauty of this strategy is each backlinks are “contextual backlinks” that Google adores. “Contextual backlinks” are backlinks that are built in the body of the contents itself. Most backlinks are built in the signature box of the articles, and these don’t get credited at a weighting anywhere near “contextual backlinks”.

Also, each links are “dripped” links. This means the links are built gradually over time, so that it looks natural to Google. Therefore, these links are seen as more credible compared to an explosion of link quantity over a period of just a few days. This obviously don’t seem natural.

In the blog networks that I’ve personally participated in, I’ve built approximately 29,000 backlinks within a span of 3 months. This has helped me to get 27 keywords that has an average global exact searches of 50,000 or above each to the first page of Google. Imagine the traffic that you’re getting each day!

Although joining these blog networks are powerful, they’re costly to join. Typical blog networks charge $49 per month (subscription base). Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of blog networks by posting your contents through our account! And you get to post to up to 5 blog networks that we have joined. Even more coming up!


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