Link Building Technique

link building
by -Reji

Link Building Technique

The latest way to get links from blogs is from popular social bookmarking sites. If you have thousand quality links pointing to your site, that say book store Keyword, then you are going to be ranked highly for this term. The remaining 1% of getting top rankings is just including keyword book store at proper places on a web page. Another most powerful ways to get links are articles, because they are always in-demand by website publishers, blog owners, and Ezine writers. These publishers search article directories looking for articles to re-publish. Then, we get credit for our work, and link back to our site, through a short four line resource boxes at the end of our article.

While forum Postings can be short and do not require much effort, submitting articles to directories can be more time consuming, because generally articles are longer than posts, and need careful thinking while writing them. But, it is also worth and it is not so difficult to do. Social bookmarking sites are places, where visitors categorize content using tags or keywords. You can encourage users to tag your sites with plug ins.

One of the online promotion techniques are online press releases. It is slightly differ from traditional kind, it is designed more to generate traffic and back links. Online press release are so effective and there are dozens of free press release distribution sites around the web, such as pr web, pr leap, click press. After few days, your press release are then, get picked up from sites like Google news. Many people search Google news and syndicate press releases via rss feeds onto their website as content, you can generate up to over a thousand back links, if you hit the right topic.

Forums are central place, where you are able to reach a large majority of your market place. And, this is why, participating in them is so important. You can find forums to participate in it at big boards, Google groups, yahoo boards forums allowed to give your business information in signatures. Use anchor text inside, such as having the link to your website. A signature is like a resource box, that goes after your name. Here you can link to your website, and tell the readers, why they should visit. I look for forums that has over 10,000 members, and read the rules of forums to


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