Link Pyramids

A link pyramid is an advanced and extremely effective SEO technique. Due to this technique’s complexity, not many SEO practitioners will spend the time to construct one unless the competition for a particular keyword is relatively high.

However, my team and I usually construct pyramids if we really want to dominate certain keywords on the SERPs, regardless of their competition level. This is because we want to be sure that we would not see a drop in our SERPs ranking that easily.

The mechanism of a link pyramid is rather sophisticated, so I’ll leave you to my mentor, Justin Brooke, an extremely successful traffic and conversion strategist, to talk to you about what a link pyramid really is.



As you would understand from the video, a link pyramid consists of a few tiers of links to enhance the “link juice” of the backlinks that you are building. Each tier of the pyramid is proven to be at least 3 times more effective than if it’s not built!

For each link pyramid that you invest with us, we will build 300 PR4+ backlinks on the second tier of the pyramid, and 5,000 backlinks on the third tier to channel even more “link juice” to your website!

Such a sophisticated SEO technique is now ready for you to implement – with just a click of any one of the buttons below:

P.S: If you need more tiers, feel free to Contact Us and let us see how we can help you!


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