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Link Wheels is a mechanism or technique used by advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practitioners. Link wheels involves binding a series of sites together to strengthen the flow of link juice and improve link relevancy between them. Following that, each link points towards your website.

Here’s why Link Wheels work like magic. There are a lot of SEO professionals who commented on the term, “relevant links”. These are links that come from websites that operate in the same niche as the site that you are building links to. For example, if your site operates in the “Health” niche, and you get a link from a forum that discusses on “Automobile”, then it is obvious that this isn’t a relevant link.

“Irrelevant links” (if there is such a term), do not get as much credits as “relevant links”. However, when Google Bots scan a website, they are unable to determine which niche does that website operates in. So, the only way for Google to determine whether the websites are linked “relevantly” is to see if the site is also linked to another site that links to the site that this site links to.

So, what link wheel does is that it creates a network of sites that are linking to each other, sending a message to Google that all the backlinks that point to your website also point to each other, therefore all these links are “relevant links”.

Don’t worry if it sounds too complicated to you. As I’ve mentioned before, this strategy is used by sophisticated SEO practitioners. If you have just got started in SEO, this is something that you might want to learn slowly. Leave the complicated tasks to our well experienced SEO link builders!


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