PR 9 Backlinks

If you’re serious about link building for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. There is one component that you must not forget to incorporate in your strategy — backlinks from authority sites.

Honestly, a backlink originating from a PR 9 website is 1,000 times more powerful than a link built on a PR 1 website. A PR 9 website is rare online, and getting one of them to link back to your website is such a challenging task that even I myself am struggling with it!

However, I’ll allow you exclusive access to build links on my treasury of 9 PR 9 websites that I’ve spent months identifying, AND successfully build links on.

Just to share with you my results of including PR 9 backlinks to one of my websites. It was ranked at page 3, position 8 for a very competitive keyword. I built 3 PR 9 backlinks to my site, and waited for a week for Google to do its stuff. The next thing I realize, it’s now at Page 1, position 3 of Google SERPs!

You won’t want to miss this in your strategy!


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