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The first batch of backlinks that you should build for your website is by submitting your site URL to blog directories. These are the easiest backlinks that you can build.

Submitting your site to blog directories doesn’t only earn you a decent backlink, it helps in getting you in front of thousands of information seekers. Information seekers tend to make use of blog directories in their researches as these directories carefully index all blogs submitted to them into their rightful categories. This eases them to find blogs that are related to the niche that they want to learn more about.

Besides, submitting your site to blog directories help get your site indexed quickly by Google and other search engines, because Google bots tend to lurk around these sites. If your site is indexed by the directories, Google bots will learn of your site and will in turn crawl your site faster than they organically do.

However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blog directories out there. There’s simply no end to it if you decide to submit your site URL to them one by one, manually, on your own. Here’s how we can help you:


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