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The social presence of an online property has played an increasingly important role in bringing that website to top Google rankings.

Google has explicitly commented on the importance of Social Media in relation to their SERPs. Although they did not clearly mention to what extent it affects the SERPs, numerous experiments carried out by leading SEO authoritative figures have confirmed that Social Bookmarking (correctly done), carries approximately 1.7 times more weight than normal link-building strategies.

It works on this logic — if your website is featured more times on Social Media, chances are, your site has better quality contents (as people tend to share great contents), and therefore, they are more relevant to Google’s users! It is due to this belief, that Social Bookmarking (an effort to create backlinks for a website on Social Media platform) has received so much attention by SEO experts and link building professionals all around the world.

However, implementing this strategy isn’t easy, as one has to know which Social Media sites to build links on (there are thousands of them across the Internet), and the time spent in creating profiles on these sites make Social Bookmarking not a fun task to do.

Our dedicated link builders will do this necessary evil for you. Here’s how we provide our services:


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